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Kabs Canine Base - VRC - VRM Ready!

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🐾 Unleash Your Imagination with my customizable Anthro Canine Base for VRChat and VSeeFace! 🐾

Step into virtual reality and become your fursona with this canine base, crafted to bring your creations to life. Whether you're a VR enthusiast, a content creator, or simply looking to express your unique identity, this model is your key to boundless creativity and self-expression.

Limitless Customization:

Tailor every aspect of your fursona to match your personality and style. From fur patterns and color schemes to expressive eyes and even accessories, your virtual alter ego will be a true reflection of your creativity. With over 60+ Blendshapes at your disposal, bring nearly any body type to life.

Avatar Features:

  • Physbones set up for the ears, tail, hair, and body tufts
  • 4 Completely custom outfits
  • 60+ body customization options (thicc, thin, buff, twink, etc)
  • Multiple ear and tail styles
  • NSFW Canine Bits
  • 4 unique hairstyles
  • Face tracking vseeface and vrchat
  • 6 unique body texture variations (white wolf, timber wolf, doberman, beagle, shiba inu, golden retriever)
  • FBX Files
  • Blend File
  • Substance Painter File
  • Unity Projects ready for VRChat and VseeFace
  • Tutorials

List of Adjustments (Blendshapes):

Body: ( Substance, Hide Eyebrows, Male Lashes, Chest Fluff, Hip Fluff, Mohawk, Hair Tuft, Fringe Tuft, Mane, Elbow Fluff, Cheek Fluff, Flat Chest, Large Chest, Thicc, Muscle, Curvy, Cake Snooter, No Wolf Ears, Large Ears, Short Ears, Shiba Neck, No Wolf Tail.)

Face: (No Follow Me Eyes, Mouth Open, AA, CH, DD, E, FF, IH, KK, NN, OH, OU, PP, RR, SIL, SS, TH)

Expressions: ( Blink E, Smile M, Angry E, Angry M, Sad E, Sad M, Surprised E, Annoyed E, Sultry E, Blep M, Ears Back, Brow Up, Brow Down, Look Up, Look Down, Look Left, Look Right)

MMD Visemes: (あ, い, え, お, う)

What's in the Package?

The avatar is set up for SDK3 and includes:

  • Unity setup package for VRChat
  • VSeeFace Avatar Files
  • Blender file
  • Substance Painter File
  • HD Textures
  • Mesh Files

Terms of Service:

You may:

-Publicly upload this avatar, as long as it is credited

-Use my models in VRChat and set it up for other games such as Beatsaber, NeosVR, Chillout VR, etc.

-Use these avatars for streaming, YouTube videos, etc. including monetized videos

-Edit this model in any way you like for your personal use.

-Sell texture/edit commissions on the avatar. Both you and the client must own the avatar.

You may not:

-Resell or redistribute the avatar or any of the download contents, either directly or as part of another package

If you have any issues with setup at all, please reach out to me on discord! @kabscorner

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FBX, Blend File, HD Textures, VRC Ready Project File, VSeeFace Ready Project File


Kabs Canine Base - VRC - VRM Ready!

0 ratings
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